Top-Rated Luxury Hybrids To Buy In 2020

As the automobile industry shifts towards more electrical vehicles in an effort to be safer for the environment, some hybrid vehicles have set themselves apart from the rest of the pack. Many of these models reside in the coveted luxury hybrid sector.

Names like Tesla and Porsche have recently become incredibly popular, forward-thinking vehicles in the automotive industry. Indeed, those hybrids have gained a following as some of the most coveted cars in the auto industry as of today. We looked at the top five hybrids to buy in 2020 via U.S. News & World Report below.

5. 2020 BMW i3:

The BMWi3 kicks off the list of best luxury hybrids and brings a lot to the table. It draws solid marks for its technology’s ease of use, a spacious driver’s seat, and quick acceleration times. However, it is criticized a bit for a subpar range on one charge. It always draws low marks for its rear doors and small rear seats.

4. 2020 Lexus ES Hybrid:

The Lexus ES Hybrid is a favorite in the luxury hybrid market for its spacious interior that also draws high marks for its luxury. The car provides a comfortable ride in addition to a good amount of cargo space. Where it draws some lower marks is with its confusing infotainment center. Some feel the car is less sporty than others in its class.

3. 2020 Porsche Taycan:

Porsche has made waves with its Taycan hybrid. The car has excellent acceleration and power. But it’s not all power, as the car has a highly-balanced ride coupled with stellar handling. The inside cabin raws high marks for its appearance. Where the car draws some critique is with its somewhat high price tag. Drivers also found a lack of controls inside the cabin somewhat confusing.

2. 2020 Tesla Model S:

Now we’re getting up to the rulers of the luxury hybrid class with the infamous Tesla. First up is the Model S, which receives praise for its several high-tech options. It also has excellent handling and quick acceleration numbers. The Model S isn’t lacking in cargo space either but draws criticism for a lack of smartphone connectivity and the fact that its center touch screen can be distracting while driving.

1. 2020 Tesla Model 3:

Finally, the respected Tesla Model 3 tops the list of the greatest luxury hybrids. It draws high marks for its class-best driving range on a single charge. The car is viewed as the epitome of futuristic technology for luxury hybrids. And it couples that with strong acceleration for a luxury hybrid. Indeed, most buyers in the market for a luxury hybrid view the Model 3 as the car to aim for. It’s not just a small vehicle either, as it provides drivers with a solid amount of trunk space.

The Model 3 isn’t perfect, as it draws lower marks for a distracting center infotainment center like the Model S before it. There are also some build quality issues that come into play, but overall, the Model 3 is the trendsetter when it comes to the best luxury hybrid cars in 2020.